INI and code changes Aug 21

Hey everyone, Just a quick note to keep everyone up to date with current changes to OpenSim and our configuration files for OSgrid.

Megaregions have been removed from core OpenSim and will no longer function on latest code base.  This was enabled with the CombineContigousRegions option in the OpenSim.ini and this option has now been removed!

If you are running a Megaregion configuration and are planning to update you will have to make sure you have vaild backups of your regions and reload this all back to a Varregion.



Grid Maintenance

Hey everyone!

Most of you have probably noticed and possibly been affected by recent outages in services. We are working on getting these issues resolved and getting the grid stable.

This week (aug 1) we will start running diagnostics on the servers to make sure there are no problems with hardware as well as some configuration changes to the cluster to achieve this. This is our top priority right now and your patience is very appreciated.

Most of this should not cause any interruption in services but some of it will require downtime and when we get to that point we’ll be giving advanced notice with date and times, as well as any eta when possible to help make this happen as smooth as possible.

I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.



Grid is back online

The grid is back up, Melanie Thielker got the cluster remounted and everything is back online. Big thanks to Melanie for her expertise in resolving this matter!



Grid status, expected action and timeline

Well by now most of you have noticed the grid is down and the issue has not been resolved as quickly as I had originally hoped. The issue we have is with the cluster and it has booted into a state I am unfamiliar with and rather risk data in an attempt to resolve an unfamiliar issue we have asked for assistance in this situation from Melanie Thielker.

Unfortunately Melanie is in the process of moving, and has not had a chance to look at the problem which makes it difficult to set a precise time for resolution. Thanks for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Dan Banner


Grid services updated to 0.9.0

Great news to share: grid services now updated to OpenSim 0.9.0. This should fix a lot of the teleport issues and border crossings issues with var regions. Older simulators are still functional with the new services and teleporting between 0.8 and 0.9 simulators has been working well too. If you are running 0.9 and have run across any bugs please open a mantis asap with detailed information as well as clear method to reproduce.

link to mantis: OpenSimulator Mantis



New OSgrid officers & upcoming membership meeting

The Board of Directors of OSgrid, Inc. held a board meeting today in world.  At the meeting the positions of Board officers were discussed and changes were proposed and voted on by the full board.  The new board positions will be going forward:

Dan Banner – President

Sarah Kline – Vice-President

Jim Jackson – Secretary

Albertlr Landar – Treasurer

Hiro Protagonist – Board Member

There will also be a meeting of the Membership of OSgrid, Inc. on Sunday April 10th, 2016 at 11 AM (grid time) to be held at the Event Plaza on OSgrid, more information will be announced closer to this date.

Hiro Protagonist our past President had requested we look towards transitioning the roles and duties of the board members.  So with the addition of two new members recently this was decided to be a good opportunity to make these changes.  He was quoted as saying “I have gone back to working full time on art, and that I hope to return actively to the grid at some time in the (nonspecific) future to build a virtual gallery.”    We all owe Hiro a huge amount of gratitude for not only keeping OSgrid going as a virtual world back when the prior organization closed, but also for standing firmly behind restoring the assets of Osgrid, and keeping the servers going on a regular basis.  We literally would not be here now without his guidance and help.


We would also like to encourage all members of OSgrid, Inc to congratulate the new members of the Board of Directors of OSgrid, Inc. in their new positions, they will need your support in the coming year.


Albertlr Landar, Treasurer


OpenSim development branch moves to 0.9.0

Greetings, Now that the Avination code has been merged to core the new version for the development branch is 0.9.0 and with it comes a lot of new features. I’ll see if we can get a more complete list put together in the near future to expand on the few listed below…

  •  New Physics engine
  • Parcel Privacy
  • Sitting on unscripted prims is correctly handled now
  • Vehicles can cross borders
  • New OAR loading commands


Some of these features will need to be enabled in your OpenSim.ini

Please report any bugs you may find on the OpenSim Mantis at http://opensimulator.org/mantis




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